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Registered Users

If a registered user, you are responsible to protect your user credentials. If you believe your credentials have been stolen or compromised you will advise Express Impress Car Hire Ltd immediately so your profile can be disabled.

Credit Card Registration

Please do not enter Credit Card Information into the additional information field on our website.

As a registered user you have the ability to register your Credit Card(s) with us for payment of our services. Registering your credit card with us will make your booking process quicker and you will not be required to transact your card at the end of your journey.

Please note that we do not store Registered Credit Card data on our website .You take responsibility for advising us of any changes to your credit card details such as change of card (news credit card number), cancellation or expiry of card.

If paying by Credit Card you agree that Express Impress may charge an electronic transaction fee.

Bookings and Payment

By making a booking with Express Impress Limited you authorize us to charge you at the completion of the journey or the end of the month.

Cancellation Policy

When Express Impress accepts a job, the passenger has a right to expect that driver to turn up, and when a passenger books a taxi using our app or website, the driver should expect that passenger to be at the pickup point.

Sometimes there are legitimate reasons for a cancellation, but it is frustrating for our drivers if they have made their way to the agreed pick up point and the passenger is not there.

Express Impress reserves the right to charge a $20 fee to any passenger who is not at the agreed pick up point or where a booking has been cancelled after the taxi has been dispatched


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