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Thanks to technology the taxi business has been greatly upgraded. Both drivers and customers have been advantaged in one way or the other. There are a number of mobile applications that enable taxi drivers get to clients faster and easier than before. This technology has been absorbed by most taxi drivers and with time, this has made the industry very competitive. Are you a taxi driver or run Taxi Company?  Well I have a couple of innovative ways that will give you a competitive advantage over other taxi drivers within the taxi dispatch software.

Your client’s comfortability should be your first priority. This means you should make sure your car is as comfortable as it can possibly be. Always ensure your car is clean both inside and outside. Your seats should be of the right posture, cushioned well and has enough spacing. If you wish to scent your car, let it be very mild so that it may not end up being an irritation to your clients.

As a driver, you should be friendly to your clients. Weather they are meeting you for the first time ever or they are a regular customer, you should make sure the way you interact with them makes them feel at home. This will not only make them physically comfortable but they will be emotionally comfortable as well. Let their ride with you feel more of a ride with a friend other than a ride with just a driver.

Respect your client’s space. Some people by nature are not social and they like keeping it to themselves. If you notice your client is the quiet type of person that doesn’t enjoy human interaction as much as you do, don’t force yourself on them. Be quite and give him / her the serenity they need.

Be time cautious. The moment a client calls for a cab via the dispatch software, they are usually given an estimate time on how long they should wait before a taxi can reach them. Once you get an alert don’t buy time, try take the shortest time possible to reach your client. Once your client is on board, take them to their destination within the shortest time possible. The sooner they reach their destination the cheaper for them and the more grateful to you they will be.

Your driving should be as smooth as possible. If possible, make it so smooth that they can fall asleep and dream as you drive them. This makes your client not only comfortable but they feel secure as well.

Always make sure your car is fitted with the necessary emergency tools and well insured. Your personal grooming should also be professional. This way you will make your client feel safe and secure.

Adhering to all these tips will make your clients rank you high since this taxi dispatch software gives them the opportunity to rank your services. Getting a good ranking is important since this mean the dispatch software will always give you an upper hand over other taxi drivers whenever a client calls for a cab.

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