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What are the services offered by Express Impress Car Hire Ltd?

Express Impress offers car hire as well as a reliable taxi service in Nairobi through a fleet of modern, air conditioned cars equipped with state-of-the-art GPS based tracking technology. The service is backed by a 24×7×365 Customer Contact Center.

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I need a taxi five times a week (Monday-Friday) at 8am. Can I make a recurring trip request so I only need to call once with my schedule?

Absolutely you just need to let us know when you want the service to start and how long you want it to last. Once it is in our system it will be automatically dispatched every morning on time as requested. Call 0708 799 070

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I need a taxi this Sunday at 4am to go to the Airport. Can I pre-book this trip?

Whether it is to the airport or maybe a medical appointment we can pre-book any time you want to make a trip reservation in advance. Call 0708 799 070

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What if I have a special service request?

At Express Impress Taxi we welcome all special requests. Whether the request is big or small it is our goal to make that extra effort to accommodate your request. Where others may say no we want to say “YES”! Call a manager at 0708 799 070 to discuss the details of your special request.

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I have a complaint, who should I let know?

At Express Impress Taxi we are committed to providing the best possible service experience for our customers. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our service we want to know.  You can either send the details through our feedback form or contact a manager directly at 0708 799 070.

At Express Impress Taxi we take all complaints very seriously and it will be thoroughly investigated.  Upon completion of the complaint investigation you will be contacted. You will receive a follow up call and informed of any action taken.  It is our goal to make every effort to retain customers and resolve complaints with a satisfactory outcome.

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I would like to use a cab now, how long do I have to wait for one to arrive?

We can provide a cab within minutes of your call. Our dispatch team will be in a position to give you details at the time of the booking.

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Is it better to phone for a taxi or flag one on the street?

We recommend you always phone Express Impress Taxi for service at 0708 799 070. This way you know you will always get a taxi and driver that has met all the necessary licensing requirements. In addition we will always have a detailed dispatch record if there is an issue or lost article.

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I would like to compliment a driver for great service who should I let know.

We love to receive driver compliments! Please contact us through our feedback form and we will make sure the driver gets his pat on the back.

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I think I left my cell phone in one of your taxis. Does Express Impress Taxi have a lost and found?

This is another reason to always call Express Impress Taxi for service. When you call for an Express Impress Taxi and have left something in a taxi you have much greater chance at getting your property back as we will have a dispatch record and trip log. As soon as you realize you are missing property contact us immediately and as long as there is a dispatch record we will contact the driver in an effort to have your property returned.

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What are the advantages of setting up an account?

Since there is no charge to set up an account and you only get charged for when you use the service, in most cases the reason for setting up an account is for convenience. You will receive your own taxi vouchers which are simply presented to the driver each time you use the service.  You will also receive a detailed invoice that only needs to be paid monthly. Contact Us.

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Can I cancel a booking made?

Yes, but try to tell us as soon as you reasonably can to avoid an Express Impress cab reporting to you when you don’t need it.

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How can I pay for my journey?

You can pay cash in advance or at the end of your journey. You can also pay using MPESA. Corporate Account holders are however allowed to pay at the end of the month when they receive their invoice.

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